When Flames Go Out…

In light of the terrible tragedy that took place here in Whistler I will be short and what I had planned to share today I will save for another day. Please pray for Nodar Kumaritashvili’s family, friends, coaches and teammates as the grieve and compete in memory of their passed comrade.

I enjoyed watching the Opening Ceremonies last night and think we have so much to be proud of as Canadians. Here’s the thought I had last night as I was watching the announcing, the opening, the beginning of something new yesterday night as Wayne Gretzky (no better choice I might add) lit the Olympic torch set up inside BC Place with the help of some other amazing Canadian individuals and then departed and lit the outdoors flame that all will see by the waterfront in Vancouver. After the days of competition, some incredible stories of triumph, broken world records, and even some defeated dreams the Olympic Games here in Vancouver will come to a close and the flame will extinguish. For years fire was seen as a source or sign of life so I pair the two and think to myself that before any ceremony yesterday and the lighting or beginning of something that the IOC, VANOC, and World have been so anticipating, a flame was sadly extinguished earlier in the day and many if not all would say too soon!

Nodar, a man that I was never so fortunate as to meet, has taught me (a total stranger) a valuable lesson very early in this Games and that lesson is this. To make the best of every moment, experience, situation and day while your flame is lit. To quote the one who played such a significant role in last nights ceremonies…

The Great One & The Olympic Flame

Wayne Gretzky waves before lighting the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremonies at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games...

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take”

-Wayne Gretzky

Let’s enjoy each day that we have and use it for good and for the opportunity that perhaps we have to help others to burn more brightly then they ever once thought possible. Make the most of every opportunity and day that we have been so blessed as to receive. The world witnessed yesterday how quickly accidents can happen, so out respect to Nodar and the so many others who’s flames have sadly extinguished before what we feel would be fair or just let’s remember the symbol that was celebrated last night and how each torch bearer passed the flame forward to the next. Maybe Nodar’s flame hasn’t extinguished after all, maybe it’s up to people like us to learn something from this unfortunate tragedy and thus through us his flame is still lit? The flame has been merely passed on…

I know this isn’t a particular happy or maybe even thought provoking post but I wished to do it as a sign of respect and share with you how I’m thinking currently. I’m so thankful to be lit and that for all intensive purposes Christ is the light of my life, He leads, He guides, He directs and it’s my purpose to allow that light to shine and burn brightly. No one is embarrassed to carry the Olympic Flame, they do so rather proudly. We then let it burn brightly for all to see in a prominent place by the waterfront in downtown Vancouver…I hope that those of us that claim to Believe and depend on Him are as proud, excited, overwhelmed and feel as truly blessed to carry the flame that we’ve been asked to. What will be said of you and of me when our flame goes out? Have we touched enough lives and encouraged or inspired enough people to be able to know that our flame will still be burning?


2 thoughts on “When Flames Go Out…

  1. Well done Clark. Enjoy every minute and thanks for sharing with all of us your thoughts of these Olympic moments. Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to this young man’s family and also to his Olympic team mates.

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