Can you hear me now?

Kim and I are in an interesting place right now. Our church is going through a transition period and are likely hiring a new Pastor to lead our church soon. During this season we have learned MANY things several of which stand out especially. The thing that has stood out especially to me is the importance and need for effective and clear COMMUNICATION.

I’ve watched this and may be guilty of this myself (actually I am for sure). Have you ever ran around a room frantically, climbed something, wandered an open field with your cell phone pressed firmly against your ear  momentarily and then stretching it skyward in attempt to get a stronger “signal”. Unknown to the person you are speaking with you are making VERY clear to the crowd that has now gathered around you is that the person you are speaking with is clearly of importance to you because you’re straining to COMMUNICATE

"Can you hear me now?"

"Can you hear me now?"

with them. Ever have your phone die at the MOST inopportune time? I’ve been with people and their phone has died and they will make the decision then and there that now is the best time to invest in a car-charger for their cell phone, which in the moment makes more sense then trying to go the entire day without having the ability to COMMUNICATE at the time it takes their hand to reach into their pocket. Clearly we value and appreciate the ability to COMMUNICATE but do we as leaders, teachers, parents, peers truly communicate well? Here’s a thought that I have been wrestling with lately…

“Failure to effectively communicate our expectations will almost gurantee someones failure to effectively reach or meet them…Set people up for FLIGHT not FAILURE!”

I think our failure to COMMUNICATE clearly and effectively is vital to the overall success to whatever structure or relationship we find ourselves in. How important is your group, team or friends success to you? Are they important enough that you would pace around a room and scramble frantically around a field to strengthen your signal? Maybe a better question to ask is if there is interference that needs to be addressed?

Just a quick thought and trying to get back into the BLOG routine!


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